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Three weeks into the new school year, the campus is buzzing with energy. Let’s tune in to the voices of our teachers and discover the exciting moments and learning adventures that have unfolded in each grade recently. The journey of growth alongside our students is truly exhilarating. Let’s embark on this remarkable journey together!

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Hello! Amazing work is being done in the classroom by our kids!

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We have been studying classroom rules, our emotions, and body parts for the previous two weeks.


New songs and enjoyable games that help kids recognize new terminology have helped us start the week.


We use a variety of activities that are both beneficial and enjoyable for our young learners because Nursery A students are highly dedicated but also love to run around and have fun.

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During our club time, we produced exquisite and uncommon artwork.

Foil transfer painting was something we did last week, and it was quite fantastic for our kids.

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We also engaged in a game where the objective is to guess by using water to reveal colorful visuals together. We aim to have fun in our classroom every day and explore new things with one another.

Fantastic work, Nursery A!

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Welcome back to the new school year BIS!


Since starting school, Year 1A have been learning and practising norms and expectations in the classroom. We started off by talking about how they wanted their own classroom to feel -“nice”, “friendly” was a common theme.

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We discussed what things we could do to make our

classroom a safe and nice environment to learn and grow. The students chose which norms they wanted to adhere to and promised to take care of each other and the classroom. The children used paint to make handprint and signed their names as an act to promise the following:

In our classroom we promise to:

1. Take care of our classroom

2. Be nice

3. Do our best

4. Share with each other

5. Be respectful

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According to Strobel Education, “The benefits of establishing classroom procedures are far-reaching. For starters, it helps to create a safe and secure learning environment, which is the foundation for any successful educational experience. It also helps students understand what is expected of them….

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Moreover, establishing classroom procedures also helps to build a positive classroom culture that encourages respect and cooperation between students and teachers….


Establishing classroom procedures can help to create a sense of community within the class. When everyone follows the same set of expectations, they are more likely to bond with each other over common goals and interests – this can lead to better relationships among classmates as well as increased academic success” (Strobel Education, 2023).



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Post time: Sep-13-2023