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Welcome To TheBritannia International School Of GuangZhou

Britannia International School (BIS) is a non-profit educational institution that belongs to the Canadian International Educational Organization (CIEO) in China. BIS provides a Cambridge International Curriculum education for students aged 2.5 to 18 years.
Accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education, BIS is recognized as a Cambridge International School and offers Cambridge IGCSE and A Level qualifications. Moreover, BIS is dedicated to being an innovative international school, striving to
create an exceptional K12 learning environment through offering leading Cambridge Curriculum, STEAM, Chinese, and Art Courses.

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  • 23-09-20

    INNOVATIVE NEWS | How Much Can You Learn in a Month at BIS?

    This edition of BIS innovative news is brought to you by our teachers: Peter from EYFS, Zanie from Primary School, Melissa from Secondary School, and Mary, our Chinese  teacher. It has been exactly one month since the start of the new school term. What progress have our students made during this ...
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  • INNOVATIVE NEWS | Three Weeks In: Exciting Stories from BIS

    INNOVATIVE NEWS | Three Weeks In: Exciting Stories from BIS

    Three weeks into the new school year, the campus is buzzing with energy. Let’s tune in to the voices of our teachers and discover the exciting moments and learning adventures that have unfolded in each grade recently. The journey of growth alongside our students is truly exhilarating. Let&#...
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  • BIS PEOPLE | Mary – The Magician of Chinese Education

    BIS PEOPLE | Mary – The Magician of Chinese Education

    At BIS, we take immense pride in our team of passionate and dedicated Chinese ducators, and Mary is the coordinate. As the Chinese teacher at BIS, she is not only an exceptional educator but also used to be a highly respected People’s Teacher. With over two decades of experience in the fiel...
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  • Personal-Experience-4-1

    Ms. Daisy


    Daisy Dai Art & Design Chinese Daisy Dai graduated from New York Film Academy, majoring in photography. She worked as an intern photojournalist for an American charity-Young Men’s Christian Association….

  • Personal-Experience-21

    Ms. Camilla


    Camilla Eyres Secondary English & Literature British Camilla is entering her fourth year at BIS. She has approximately 25 years of teaching. She has taught in secondary schools, primary schools, and fur…


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