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BIS encourages and promotes student learning beyond the academic rigors of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to participate fully in sports events, STEAM based activities, artistic presentations and academic extension studies both locally and further afield throughout the school year. 


● Learn the violin and bow and the holding postures.

● Learn the violin playing posture and essential vocal knowledge, understand each string, and start string practice.


● Learn more about violin protection and maintenance, the structure and materials of each part and the principle of sound generation.

● Learn the basic playing skills and correct fingering and hand shapes.

● Read the staff, know the rhythm, beat and key, and have a preliminary knowledge of music.

● Cultivate the ability of simple notation, pitch recognition and playing, and further learn the history of music.


The ukulele (pronounced you-ka-lay-lee), also called a uke, is an acoustic stringed instrument very similar to a guitar, but much smaller and with fewer strings. It is a happy-sounding instrument that pairs well with nearly every type of music. This course enables students to learn C key, F key chords, play and sing the first to fourth grade repertoires, have the ability to perform, learn basic postures, and complete the performance of the repertoire independently.




Beginner: At this stage, the Children's imagination is developing, but due to the weakness of the hand strength, the skills use in the stage will be the hand pinch and clay craft. Children can enjoy playing the clay and have a lot of fun in the class.

Advanced: In this stage, the course is more advanced than the beginner. The course focuses on developing the children's ability to construct three-dimensional things, such as world iconic architecture, global gourmet and some Chinese decoration, etc. In the class, we create funny, grateful and open atmosphere to the children, and engage them to explore and enjoy the fun of art.


While strengthening children's water safety awareness, the course will teach students basic swimming skills, improve students' swimming ability, and strengthen technical movements. We will carry out targeted training for children, so that children can reach the standard level in all swimming styles.



Cross-Fit Kids is the optimal fitness program for children and addresses the 10 general physical skills via a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity.

● Our philosophy--combining fun and fitness.

● Our Kid's Workout is an exciting and fun way for kids to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits.

● Our Coaches provide a safe and fun environment that guarantees success for all ability and experience levels.


By analyzing, exploring and building different mechanisms that are common in life, cultivate children's hands-on ability, concentration, spatial structure ability, emotional expression ability and logical thinking ability.



Through the construction of a single-chip robot, learn the application of electronic circuits, CPU, DC motors, infrared sensors, etc., and have a preliminary understanding of the movement and operation of robots. And through graphical programming to control the motion state of the single-chip robot, to enhance the students' thinking in solving problems in a programmed way.