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Home-school Communications

Class Dojo

To create an engaging relationship with students and parents alike, we launch our new communications tool Class Dojo. This interactive tool allows parents to view summaries of students' performance in class, communicate on-to-one with teachers, and also be included in a stream of Class Stories that give a window into the content of the class for the week.

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WeChat, Email and phone calls

WeChat together with emails and phone calls will be used for communications if and as necessary. 


There will be two fully detailed, formal reports with comments sent home at the end of the Autumn Term (in December) and towards the end of the Summer Term (in June.) There will also be an early but brief 'settling in' report in early October and parents may be sent other reports if there are areas of concern. The two formal reports will be followed by Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTC) to discuss the reports and set any goals and targets for a student's future. The progress of individual students may be discussed at anytime throughout the year by parental or by teaching staff request.

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Open Houses

Open Houses are held periodically to introduce parents to our facilities, equipment, curriculum and staff. These events are designed to help parents know the school better. While the teachers are present in the classrooms to greet their parents, individual conferences are not held during Open Houses.

Meetings on Request

Parents are welcome to meet with members of staff at any time but they should out of courtesy always contact the school to make an appointment. The Principal and Chief Operations Officer may also be contacted by parents and appointments made accordingly. Please remember that all staff in the school have daily work to do in terms of teaching and preparation and therefore are not always immediately available for meetings. In any areas of concern which have not been reconciled parents have every right to contact the school's Board of Directors, they should do this through the school's Admissions Office.

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There is a food company which provides a full services cafeteria with Asian and Western cuisine. The menu is intended to offer choice and a balanced diet and details of the menu will be sent home weekly in advance. Please note that lunch is not included in the school fees.

School Bus Service

A bus service is provided by an outside registered and certified school bus company contracted by BIS to assist parents with the transportation of their child/children to and from school daily. There are assigned bus monitors on the buses to attend to the needs of the children on their journeys and to communicate with parents if and as necessary while the students are in transit. Parents should discuss fully their needs for their child/children with the Admission staff and consult the enclosed document related to the school bus service.

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Health Care

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The school has a registered and certified nurse on site to attend to all medical treatments in a timely manner and inform parents of such instances. All members of staff are first-aid trained.