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Camilla Eyres

Camilla Eyres

Secondary English & Literature


Camilla is entering her fourth year at BIS. She has approximately 25 years of teaching. She has taught in secondary schools, primary schools, and further education, both overseas and in the UK. She attended Canterbury University UK and gained a B.A degree in English. She later studied at Bath University and was awarded ‘Outstanding’ for her PGCE Teaching Diploma at secondary school level. Camilla has worked in Japan, Indonesia and Germany and has a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language from Trinity House, London as well as a Diploma in Teaching Literacy from Plymouth University UK.

Camilla believes that lessons should be challenging, varied and relevant, to help all children reach their potential. She encourages curiosity and independent thinking but is careful to provide a solid foundation first. Other skills, such as giving a presentation, team work, problem-solving and target-setting also form part of lessons. The aim is to ensure that students leave school feeling confident, and with qualifications and skills to help them find their path in the world. 

Personal Experience

28 Years of Teaching Experience

28 Years of Teaching Experience (2)
28 Years of Teaching Experience (1)

Hello, my name is Camilla. I am the secondary English teacher for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. To tell you a little bit about myself. I have been teaching for about 28 years. I went to university in the UK Canterbury University and I received a degree in English literature. And I also went to another university to train as a teacher and received the outstanding Excellent level of teacher practitioner. 

I've worked in a variety of places and a variety of countries. So I have a very good understanding of the problems that children who speak English as a second language face. I also have qualifications in English as a foreign language and also in teaching literacy which is how to read and write. So I hope that putting all those qualifications together with my experience in London, the UK, Scotland, Wales,  4 years in Japan, 2 years in Indonesia, 2 years in Germany and 3 years in China gives me a good all-round experience on which to draw when we have problems. So when students are struggling, I can go back to my past experience and find the solutions somewhere in what I've done previously. 

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Opinions of English Teaching

All Children Can Progress

Opinions of English Teaching (3)
Opinions of English Teaching (4)

When it comes to my own opinions, about the teaching of English, there are many things I could say. But I think to keep it simple, my one belief is that all children can progress when they're given encouragement, clear targets and explanations and variety of tasks. I try to make the lessons challenging and interesting, so that different children's interests are catered for. I give clear feedback as well and I treat the students as if not exactly the grown-up. But, I do treat them in a very mature adult way. And they learn how to be independent with their judging and thinking of their own work and somebody else's work. They learn to ask me relevant questions and they learn to take and give feedback. Take it from me and give it to each other. So by the end of 1 school year, it is my belief that they’ve learned a lot and I hope that not only it is an informative process that it's an enjoyable one as well.

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