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A Family that Loves China

My name is Cem Gul. I'm a mechanical engineer from Turkey. I had been working for Bosch for 15 years in Turkey. Then, I was transferred from Bosch to Midea in China. I came to China with my family. I loved China before I lived here. Previously I had been to Shanghai and Hefei. So when I received the invitation from Midea, I already knew a lot about China. I never thought about whether I loved China or not, because I was sure I loved China. When everything was ready at home, we came to live in China. The environment and conditions here are very good.

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Parenting Ideas

Learning in a Fun Way

Actually, I have three kids, two sons and one daughter. My oldest son is 14 years old and his name is Onur. He will be in Year 10 at BIS. He is mainly interested in computers. My youngest son is 11 years old. His name is Umut and he will be in Year 7 at BIS. He is interested in some handicrafts because his handwork ability is very high. He likes to make Lego toys and is very creative.

I am 44 years old, whilst my children are aged 14 and 11 years old. So there is a generation gap between us. I can't educate them the way I was educated. I need to adapt myself to the new generation. Technology has changed a new generation. They like to play games and play with their phones. They can't keep their attention for very long. So I know it's not easy to train them at home and get them to focus on one topic. I'm trying to educate them to focus them on a topic by playing with them. I'm trying to teach a subject while playing a mobile game or a mini-game with them. I'm trying to teach them a subject in a fun way, because that's how the new generation learns.

I hope my children can express themselves confidently in the future. They should express themselves. They should be creative about everything, and they should have the confidence to say everything they think. Another expectation is to let children learn about multiple cultures. Because in a globalized world, they will be working in very corporate and global companies. And if we can do this kind of training with them when they are very young, it will be very helpful for them in the future. Also, I hope they learn Chinese next year. They have to learn Chinese. Now they speak English and if they also learn Chinese then they can easily communicate with 60% of the world. So their priority next year is to learn Chinese.

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Connecting with BIS

The Children's English has Improved

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Since it was my first time in China, I visited many international schools around Guangzhou and Foshan. I inspected all courses and visited all school facilities. I also looked at the qualifications of the teachers. I also discussed with managers the plan for my children because we are entering a new culture. We are in a new country and my kids need a period of adjustment. BIS gave us a very clear adaptation plan. They personalised and supported my kids to settle into the curriculum for the first month. This is very important to me because my kids need to adjust to a new class, a new culture, a new country and new friends. BIS put the plan in front of me for exactly how they would do it. So I chose BIS. At BIS, The children's English is improving very fast. When they came to the BIS for their first semester, they could only talk to the English teacher, and they didn't understand anything else. After 3 years, they can watch English movies and play English games. So I'm happy to have them acquire a second language at a very young age. So this is the first development. The second development is diversity. They know how to play with children of other nationalities and how to adapt to other cultures. They didn't ignore any changes around them. This is another positive attitude BIS has given to my children. I think they are happy when they come here every morning. They are very happy in the process of learning. This is very important.

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